Spyglass Design, Inc.

Spyglass Design, Inc.

- Artists and Artisans at Work

Spyglass Design is an idea-based design firm. Regardless of the size and the budget we bring the best mix of imagination, hi-grade products, and team-leading project execution to every job. We are the leading kitchen design firm in the region. Since 1995, we've brought our unique vision and diverse team of stylists, craftsmen and contractors to repeatedly apply the finest skills and best value for our clients everywhere across the entire US, the Caribbean, and even Moscow. From downtown Hopewell to Oquossoc, Maine, we can execute both design and construction.

How do we benefit you? We are known to be excellent listeners, exploring your needs in great detail, ultimately creating a result that exceeds your expectation. We like to hold real time workshop design sessions with you; on the spot, real-time and together. Our process is unique to your needs, at that exact point in time. Over the years many of our customers have returned to Spyglass for subsequent projects. Together, we bring fresh ideas to meet their ever changing needs; they see their homes evolve with the style and technology of the time.

Starting as a kitchen and bath specialty firm, our client base has turned to Spyglass for the same vision and craftsmanship for all their other needs, from space reconfiguration to interior and exterior design. We have an over-arching view of the largest, and even the most modest of projects; Offering a unique take on how this new work will dovetail with your existing home and lifestyle. Everything is done with a carefully established budget in mind. An affordable project that is not just a dream. We are well-regarded in the kitchen industry by our brands and partners. Few firms of our type have deeper connections to the kitchen industry: from appliances, to hardware, counters, and plumbing, and of course cabinetry. We have strong professional relationships with name brand Manufacturers and Distributors. Spyglass can make things happen that many others cannot.

From idea to detail, the Spyglass Team will carry through our plans to a carefully finished project, providing decades of impressive performance and great enjoyment.